Tuesday, June 30, 2009

where to next?

our cross country trip comes to an end tomorrow. we're in Iowa tonight - soaking in the sun and in awe of an endless blue sky. This has been a dream come true. I think we've got the camping bug. I wonder if we'll be the types to go to motorhome shows now. yikes. We keep talking about where to next? Maybe Yosemite will be one of the destinations. Have you been? Found these snaps on Flickr. Love that they are polaroids. Magic. Enjoy!

Thanks much for your comments. I love them. paz, k
you can find these snaps here.


  1. love these snaps.

    i always have the camping bug...and when you live out west, how can't you get out and get going?

    safe travels.

  2. Thanks for visiting me and for your lovely comments.

    These pics are fantastic. They bring back many happy memories of a trip we did from LA to NY back in 2000. Yosemite was an absolute highlight. Happy days.

  3. Oh, these photos of Iowa are beautiful! Hope you are enjoying the final day of your trip. Safe travels...

    Also wanted to thank you for your words of encouragement about our big move. It certainly helped to settle the nerves a little :)


  4. Lovely photo's. Now I want a road trip! Save travels home.