Saturday, June 6, 2009

a doll's life

Our church rummage sale occurs twice a year and I have to say it is a magical occasion. The church community comes together to sort and fold and label and sweat and it is an incredible endeavor. It's also a mecca for treasures. I always come away with something wonderful. This year I bought a $6 homemade dollhouse for franny's room. It is darling!
I'm slowly starting to collect vintage dollhouse furniture so until we have enough I guess the plastic stuff will have to do! Isn't the wallpaper in this bedroom incredible!

I found this beautiful scarf at rummage. Franny was so sad that we didn't find a proper rug for the house so I gave her two scarves to use on the floors temporarily.

I foresee lots of hours of fun and rearranging. Mostly by me!!
I do love all things miniature so I hunted down some pics of other interiors of dollhouses and found Paul Keleher's photos on The photographs are of a doll's house that has lots of life and stories at the tiny desk, dining room table and in the sweet bedroom. His photographs are amazing.
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  1. the colors are beautiful! they make me happy :)