Friday, June 26, 2009

The Bertoia

   A different garden of Bertoia chairs. This image can be found here.

Leafing through an old copy of Elle Decor, I came across a photo of some wonderful outdoor eating spaces. My favorite was a picture from the artist Marie Christophe's Paris garden where she paired Bertoia chairs with orange cushions, a glazed tile floor and white metal folding tables. An effervescent red and blue mobile dangles above. Some pink bougainvillea or other eye- catching fuschia flower can be seen in the garden beyond. 

The picture reminded me of my desire to make a similarly inspiring space in my own backyard and deck. The girls and I, and-- of course, our dog Jazzie-- spend A LOT of time out there come summer. 
Jasmine (aka Jazzie).
Our hula hoops in the yard.

Right now, limited resources have left me with some huge throw pillows and a faded lime green umbrella from Pottery Barn. Perhaps with the Bertoia still being widely available, I've found my inspiration. 

I've collected some inspiring pictures of other Bertoia chairs to share with you. While they may not be the world's cushiest chairs, I still find them lovely. 

Wishing you all well. 
In beauty,  -L.

                                                                                          Paris here.


                          Note the cushions here.


  1. oh, if i only had my dream outdoor set-up...

  2. Oh how I love this iconic chair. I'm crazy for the idea of using them outdoors. I love the setting at the Parker in Palm Springs (hope my guess is correct?). Have a terrific weekend!