Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a day of fasting

I just read an essay about fasting. When I think of fasting I think of cutting out chocolate, alcohol or meat for the purpose of clarity and peace but Catherine Marshall writes about fasting from criticism. I felt as if she were directly speaking to me and my attempts not to judge others so much. I hope this helps to open your heart and ultimately brings you greater joy. I think a fasting of this type would be wholly freeing. Her wise observations follow:

1. a critical spirit focuses on ourselves and makes us unhappy. we lose perspective and humor.

2. a critical spirit blocks the positive creative thoughts God (the universe) longs to give us.

3. a critical spirit can prevent good relationships between individuals.

4. criticalness blocks the work of goodness, the Spirit of God: love, good will, mercy.

5. whenever we see something genuinely wrong in another person's behavior, rather than criticize him/her directly, or -far worse - gripe about her behind her back, we should ask the Spirit of God, Love, to do the correction needed.

I really look forward to the challenge. Do you fast? How and when? paz, k


  1. The idea of fasting for criticism sounds like such a great idea because we are, often, gluttons for it. Something to reflect upon... Thank you!

  2. very interesting, I am thinking about this...