Thursday, June 18, 2009

on my fridge

The front of my fridge is a mess. I know folks have their own special, sacred places for their inspiration boards but mine happens to be (intentionally or not) on the doors of my fridge. I just wanted to share with you a few things that make me smile and keep me sane day to day.

1. I wish this were my summer home. Maybe one day. 2. I love HH the Dalai Lama. 3. Silly magnet from my mother - "Motherhood, no wimps need apply."

(Sorry for these dreadful pics but I am stuck for now with a little camera that chooses when to shine! I have such photography envy of other day will come!) 1. My mother in a funky orange dress in the late 60's with my siblings.

1. I have carried this photograph of the sunflowers with me since I was in 7th grade - to boarding school, college, move out to Chicago, our first home......It brings me great joy. 2. An adorable letter 'b" magnet from an etsy stop.

1. This is a hand written version of my favorite prayer/poem found on the wall inside of one of Mother Teresa's homes for children in Calcutta. You can find a version of it here. 2. A delightful photo of my new niece and 3. a table setting in Greece to die for - overlooks the ocean.
1. My little H dressed up for Halloween a couple of years ago and 2. a lion's mask.
What's on your fridge? Inspiration board? Thanks for coming by today!! paz, k

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  1. great blog... love your banner... have a nice week... will return! pam