Sunday, June 7, 2009

tea and bread

Mr. E and Ms. T love their morning tea and bread.
Mr. E rolls the bread.
Ms. T bakes it.
Then Mr. E and Ms. T take some of the bread to the market. They set up a stand and holler "Bread for sale! Fresh baked bread for sale!"
Mrs. P who lives with her poodle Plum buys the bread and takes it home.
She makes tea for Ms. G who lives down the street. She slices a piece of warm bread. The butter melts and rolls off the side.
Tea and bread, mmmm.
Mr. E wraps his last loaf of sourdough walnut bread and sells it to Mr. H. Ms. T packs up the table and chairs and empty cartons.
They sing and hold hands on the way home. They stop and smell the jasmine climbing the fences.
Tomorrow they will bake more. They will make more bread to sell at the market and to drink with their tea.
Happy Monday!

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  1. This reminds me of an A.A. Milne poem called the Kings Breakfast. YOu can read it here.

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