Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cozy mod housing

I love Dwell magazine -I'm certain I'm not alone in this - and was just thinking of an article about a very funky Texas couple who are attempting to help revive an Austin, Texas neighborhood by purchasing affordable mod housing. Check out these great photos.
The total cost of construction of the 1,230 square foot home, including the site, was $110,000. It was built with green philosophy in mind too. You can find the complete article here. Thanks for your peeks at OSH. paz. k


  1. What a wonderful blog you have...am happy to have stumbled upon it.
    Have a wonderful day...

  2. that is unbelievable!!! the beauty, character, and cost!!! amazing.

  3. i love those photos...that mod house is fabulous!

  4. I'm a huge Dwell fan. Love what this young couple has accomplished. Austin is such a terrific place to live. I do believe that we'll see a growing trend for smaller more space efficient homes. Huge is on it's way out & next home, I'm jumping on board. Great blog bye the bye!

  5. you would so fit in in Austin! I forget, have you been? I know we looked at places to shop together in domino, right?