Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hope in a stitch

As I was scanning the internet yesterday for those gorgeous needlepoint chairs I stumbled upon the greatest project for prison inmates. Here is a description of the organization from their site:
Fine Cell Work is a Registered Charity that teaches needlework to prison inmates and sells their products. The prisoners do the work when they are locked in their cells, and the earnings give them hope, skills and independence.Savings reduce the likelihood of offenders returning to crime. Prisoners often send the money they earn from Fine Cell Work to their children and families, or use it to pay debts or for accommodation upon release.The inmates are all instructed by volunteers, many of whom have been taught at the Embroiderer's Guild, the Royal School of Needlework and the world of professional design. Once trained, they can be responsible for difficult commissions done to deadlines, and support other inmates who are still learning.

One of the many cool things about this project is that both men and women participate.
These are some of the pillows made by the inmates that are for sale. Aren't they beautiful!!

I love the philosophy of sharing beauty and some sense of purpose with those who might otherwise perhaps feel hopeless and quite alone. It is radical in its idea that all can participate in the healing process of creating art.
Thanks for visiting today!! Do you know of any other projects similar to this one? paz, k


  1. The designs are incredible! I saw a show about inmates rehabilitating abused and scared dogs...i hope ideas like these become more standard! thanks! xo