Monday, June 29, 2009

monday marvels

we are in the middle of nebraska today. luckily there is a pool... miles of corn fields and a little blue pool a this sweet KOA. here are some beautiful things for your Monday!

1. devine wallpaper - Sariskar designed by henry wilson for osborne and little

2. the perfect desert home

3. thread spool artwork by devorah sperber - amazing!!

4. wall murals found in unexpected places of unexpected things

5. orange poppies on the side of the road
What beauties did you find today? Have a great Monday!! paz, k


  1. Great marvels! The desert home is something to dream of. I feel beautiless (new word I adopted) today D : Need to improve on that for tomorrow.
    Although now that I think of it; I believe we may just get some rain in a few minutes. Now that is beauty after the incredible heatwave! Happy Monday to you too!

  2. These are very nice to meet you and your beautiful blog...i love the image of the orange beauties today were fresh baked cream scones and my homemade strawberry yummy and so pretty...have a great Tuesday...i am off to become a follower of yours!

  3. Ho randomly wonderful! The hat on the wall sure beats graffiti tagging and desert or not that home looks so wonderfully open

  4. the poppies... :)

    love the open home, too...

    my beauty today is: my sweet two sweet cats... and a totally free schedule :)

  5. Hmmm the wallpaper is so lovely!!! Adore wallpaper... x

  6. I love your blog !!! and this perfect desert house. Have good day !

  7. That wallpaper and those poppies are so pretty! I want both in my home!

  8. They are marvels! Love that home... and that Mona Lisa.... gorgeous!

  9. Treasures. I always love Devines's wallpapers.