Monday, September 28, 2009

monday marvels...

here are some joys for your monday.

1. nethercote wallpaper here

2. the prettiest bobby pins here

3. 2 gorgeous african masks i purchased yesterday at a chicago antique fair

4. the coming of fall

5. the best apple cake ever!

it is a beautiful blustery day. thanks for your notes and love. paz, k

Thursday, September 24, 2009

happy weekend...

i can't help it. i love sunflowers - and always will.
paz, patience and faith, k
joy here

so fine...

well, my parents have said they are going to send out their baby grand to our little house in the midwest. i hope it fits through our front door! it will eat up some space for sure inside but i envision a room like this where the piano takes on a personality of its own - breathing more passion, more life into our home and lives. i look forward to hearing sticky little fingers run up and down the black and white keys - at first banging out a tune or two. then will come the songs that sound like rain falling or reindeer on a rooftop. won't that be fine. we shall see.
happy friday friends.

the piano carl larsson

these things...

clothes peg dolls

hemp and cotton scarf

french mattress ticking tote

these things I'd like from jill bent.
I already have her mini lavender pillow
I stick in between my pillows for sweet dreams. Her shop and blog are fabulous.
happy day. k

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

is she...

human? really. i am speechless. my husband called me a sea monster when I was pregnant with my last. i devoured everything in sight. i was shaped like a refrigerator box. genetics are incredible. if i carried a little peanut like she does i would have had 10 for sure. bless her belly!
paz, k

the fan...

i wish i knew who she was - and if she went to lots of parties and had a closet full of dresses almost exactly like this one but in different fabrics and colors. when i see a painting like this it is like being introduced to someone new. i bet her fan was from an admirer, a lover. there is something about her that tells me she did not just sit in her parlor and read books or sew quietly by a window framed in lace. there is some fabulous story regarding that feather sitting atop her braided crown. what do you think?
william strang - the japanese fan


ugh. sorry so long since a post. i am trying to do the best i can in many different areas of my life. my dear blog is the one suffering - for now.
anyhow, is this gal a doll or what? i love her goop posts and if you haven't seen on the road again, spain series on pbs you MUST! it will make you want to pack up and move to san sebastian, barcelona or bilbao immediately. what a life! star struck just a bit at times. i do love this outfit though. she's got some style!!
hope you're enjoying these first moments of fall. looking forward to checking in on your blogs!!
paz, k

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

happy tuesday...

"you do not need to be doing great things. In your own small way, among your neighbors, around your house, see that you are a friend to everyone. Learn to love everyone equally, no matter what he or she is." sri swami satchidananda
I am really missing my blogging but I am trying to adjust to new schedules and being back in school. I was searching through some boxes of books the other day and found the quote above on a bookmark. This is one of my favorite quotes and I thought I'd lost it. It reminds me that being Great is in the small tasks and gestures in each day. It is not about feeding the ego or growing a big bank account, or claiming a good title at a company. I heard someone say recently that those who are truly the happiest in life work to help others - either as a career or in their free time. Perhaps it helps us to forget our own worries and it creates (or taps into) more love in the world. So simple. Sounds good to me.
Hope you are having an abundant day.
paz, k

Thursday, September 10, 2009


"Watch an animal, a flower, a tree, and see how it rests in Being. It is itself. It has enormous dignity, innocence, and holiness. However, for you to see that, you need to go beyond the mental habit of naming and labeling. The moment you look beyond mental labels, you feel that ineffable dimension of nature that cannot be understood by thought or perceived through the senses. It is a harmony, a sacredness that permeates not only the whole of nature but is also within you." e. tolle
maybe this is why i find such peace when i walk in the woods. nature doesn't have any hidden agendas, no complex personalities. it has so very much to teach us if we just watch, breathe and listen. i like this concept of resting in Being. do you practice just Being? if so, how?
happy thursday. paz, k
openings here

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

midwest magic...

it's likely these images are all over the blog design world but I just had to share too! amy butler, author, textile designer and one of my idols has recently launched a line of rugs based on some of her fabric patterns. they are extraordinary. enjoy and have a sweet thursday!!

back to school has me reeling. i'm trying to get back into the swing of things. i'm back in school as well. 4th year into my master of divinity - i take one class at a time since my kiddies are so little. i've calculated that i'll graduate when i'm 96. seriously. i'm missing checking out my favorite blogs!! thanks so much for your notes.they mean so much to me! paz, k
find the woven beauties here

Monday, September 7, 2009

monday marvels...

here are some joys for your monday!

1. succulent papers by makelike design - (i could scream this is so gorgeous!!)

2. she finally opened

3. handmade glass necklace from higgins glass

4. yoga because maybe one day it will change my life forever - maybe it already has. image of sarah from

5. blissful japanese garden in northern illinois - here.

paz, k thanks so much for your perfect notes!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

happy weekend...

if i were a painter i'd take my little painting bench and go sit beneath a tall oak tree today and hope that one or two of those wonderfully green acorns might find their way into my lap. i imagine this bench in a field of tall grass, with a painter's arched neck peering at a bird or nest, gracing the table with the most serene shadow. she would be wearing linen and have her pockets full of apples and stones, those things she could not pass by without picking them up to take a closer look and maybe a taste. perhaps she remains on her bench, sitting sideways, boots muddied until the sky turns purple at sunset. just my kind of saturday.
paz, k

primitive artist's bench here

Friday, September 4, 2009

sweet bonnie...

i used to listen to bonnie raitt's older music on a daily basis in college. i think my brother or father purloined my favorite cds many years ago. i kept them in an antique cranberry crate i hauled from room to room, dorm to dorm. i'd like to get them again. they are soulful and oh so beautiful. this song is magical. enjoy and happy friday.(turn it up a bit so you can hear her angelic voice)
paz, k

Thursday, September 3, 2009

small miracles...

i received a package today perfumed with lavender. that gorgeous petite pillow is stuffed with it. there is also a pack of postcards representing the seasons through the eyes of one very talented jill bent. i won this collection on sofia barao's blog a few weeks ago. what a treat!! thanks so very much for your package and for having the giveaway. what i love the most is that i possibly made some new friends. small miracles occurred and i am grateful.
this photo is from jill's website where she sells incredible beautifully textured pillows and bags. take a look.
are we at the week's end already?
paz, k

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i heart tea towels...

I could collect tea towels - but wouldn't want to use them! how about you?
all of these fabulous tea towels are from the great site

don't let go...

of summer yet.


back to school...

found this very interesting pencil cup at a thrift store and now it holds the children's pencils. when it's time for homework I set it on the kitchen table and have them pick a pencil. it somehow eases them into their studies. simple joys - smiles and sweet pencils for addition, subtraction and a few crooked letters . happy school days!

paz, k

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


vintage squirrel
if you have a moment check out my friend's new etsy site paddyridge. She is a talented floral designer and mom (and more) and has finally decided to share her wonderful vintage finds with the world. good luck peg!

fairy silhouette

skeleton keys

six red dice

bespeckled silhouette of little girl

love them all! have a lovely tuesday! k