Tuesday, June 23, 2009

missoula munchkin

We are camping beside the Yellowstone River tonight. This KOA campground is wonderful with a sparkling pool and incredible views of the river rushing past and towering rocky hills. I want to do this again and again! Living in the moment is such a gift. Speaking of gifts, we are visiting my oldes friend in Missoula, MT tomorrow and she just had a little baby, Elsa. These are some things I'd like to send her way (or something similar!) when we get home. I love babies!!
Aren't they so sweet? You can find these at the lovely site Decorative Country Living. Have a wonderful evening. Off to make dinner on the little camper stove - sausage, potoatoes and peas....I do what I can. Come again!! paz, k

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  1. I love babies too! I wish I had one to hold every single day.....