Thursday, June 4, 2009

just for practice

We are heading West in two weeks. yikes. So, we stopped in the rental shop to check out what exactly our motor home might look and feel like. Funny pictures on the side and non-delicious interior decor but the kids were ecstatic - beaming.

Here is part of the list the D-A-D made for me to file away:

toilet paper
flotation devices
bathing suits
balls and sports things
kid detector ankle bracelet from the commercial so we know where they are
duct tape
tool box
pepper spray for animals
board games for lil ones - checks, etc.
maybe a little sewing kit for all three of them, in case it rains?
cash / quarters for arcade
tool box
clothes line

Hmmmm.......needless to say he has never been camping before. This will be interesting. HELP.
By the way, school's out! Happy, happy kids!!
Thanks for stopping by OSH.
paz, k

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