Friday, April 30, 2010

far away is sometimes good medicine....

i was inspired by den10studio blog for this post. ok, i'm behind. i've never heard of ingrid michaelson (love her!). any other suggestions? i need new music - that's good medicine too. k

like breath....

thinking about how the wind moves my curtains. like breath on this blustery spring evening. found this on youtube. see, just like a wave, or like breath, an apparition, a dance. good evening to you all! k

before they are gone....

nothing is more perfect than a bed of fragrant lillies of the valley and a full wild bush of violet lilacs. heaven. peace to you today. k

Thursday, April 29, 2010

passion papers

these papers make me very happy. osborne and little and farrow and ball

good morning

the art institute is exhibiting william eggleston photographs through May 2010 - the democratic camera. happy thursday all.

"Naturally we see the work more clearly now. We know that it was not cheap. The dye transfer printing Mr. Eggleston used, adapted from advertising, was the most expensive color process then available. It produced hues of almost hallucinatory intensity, from a custard-yellow sunset glow slanting across a wall to high-noon whiteness bleaching a landscape to pink lamplight suffusing a room. " NYT Nov 6 2008
love that.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

work of a woman

found this photographer in the most recent elle decor. sebastiao salgado. there are so many things i love about this photo - her hair, the flowers, the length of the braid, the unbound part of the braid, her neck, the garment, her concentration, the grain, the basket....the work of a woman. k

well, i think a hiatus of 6 months has been adequate. sorry i disappeared. it was necessary to slow down - immediately. my body told me to stop and take a rest. so, i'm back - here and there. i do miss it so. miss this fine connecting with others who attempt to see that the world is full of miracles and delights. can't wait to see what you all have been up to. k