Wednesday, June 24, 2009

mountain style

Saw my oldest and dearest friend today. She has just had her fourth baby and her home (somehow!) is as beautiful as ever. Here are some snaps from this crazy, wonderful day! miss you already E!

I love all of their artwork. This fabulous piece above the footed tub was dragged out of a river.

Even the banisters are artwork!

Tea anyone? I love open shelving.

You can sit on their porch, with that great big hill (more like a small mountain) behind you and watch the stars come out. I could get used to this. Thanks for coming by today! On to Yellowstone tomorrow! paz, k


  1. Hi darling! Thanks soooo much for following me, for your sweet comment and for added my button into your blog! Thanks so much!

    Have a wonderful day sweetie!

  2. Ohh love that gold frame. Too gorgeous! x

  3. Wow how gorgeous are those windows.... and that tub!!! Aaaaaaaa... bliss!

  4. her home looks so cozy and inviting.

  5. love that view!

    great painting above the wicker couch...:)

  6. KP-
    Thaanks so much for coming to Missoula! My kids loved your kids and the dog never got so much attention!!! Looking forward to hearing about Yellowstone.

  7. Agreed, delightful in every way!

    Happy weekend.