Monday, June 22, 2009

monday marvels

Well, we've entered the Black Hills and they are glorious. I can't believe my eyes. The air is pure and smells like pine. I feel as if we are thousands of miles from civilization. Thank goodness. Happy Monday. Here are some joys for your day. They were for us.

1. Pappy the fortuneteller at Wall Drug, South Dakota.

2. Real Jackalopes
3. Edward Curtis photos of beautiful humanity
4. Breathtaking Badlands
5. Smores at fireside....
Thanks so much for visiting. Come back soon! paz, k


  1. I traveled through the Black Hills for the first time five years ago, on my way back to Colorado after being in Hawaii for a year. I remember the smell of the sweet Ponderosa Pines, the scent of vanilla filled the air. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing.



  2. Your bringing back some good memories; not to mention the smore's are making me seriously hungry. What a terrific trip! Soak in that pine air for all of us too!!

  3. Looks like you are enjoying youself... Have super fun...

  4. wish i was there! kids being good? trip looks amazing so far!

  5. Our family drove to Mount Rushmore and the Badlands when I was in Junior High with our South African Exchange student, Megan. We had a fantastic time. Some of the highlights include: discovering after several hours of heat induced delirium that we actually had the heat on in the back of the car instead of the a.c., and marvelling at the motel with a bed that took quarters to make it shake, (I think it was a little more low budget than my parents thought). The best memory I have is of Megan and I amusing ourselves to tears with a made up accent/language while visiting Mount Rushmore. Ah...what a trip!