Sunday, June 21, 2009

blue sky south dakota

First of all, Happy Father's Day! We are in Mitchell, South Dakota right now enjoying a little blue pool and mini golf under big white clouds and blue sky. Here are some pics from earlier today.

We saw these beauties in Iowa a couple of hours before we entered SD. They were like giants or martians marching over farmland. It was spectacular! I never knew how lovely Iowa's rolling hills are. I had always imagined it to be quite flat and brown but all we saw were green pastures. Below are snaps from beautiful South Dakota - well, of the world famous Corn Palace. More SD tomorrow.

Above is a photo of the Corn Palace in her glory days. It is much smaller now than I remember as a child and there is a basketball court smack in the middle of the building! When there are no games there are rows of racks of key chains and postcards of the fading beauty. I still love the idea of her.

We are at a KOA campground in the middle of fields and farms. I could really get used to this. Thanks for your notes and peeks. paz, k


  1. I also, always think that wind mills looks like martians....

  2. looks like such an amazing road trip...makes me want to get out the tent and go!

  3. tee hee ... the photo of your little ones in front of the map is definitely a keeper! they will get such a giggle out of that in years to come ...
    happy trails to you ~