Saturday, July 31, 2010

do you know....

the african-american artist romare beardon? he grew up during the harlem renaissance and was known for his stunning collages as well as his paintings and drawings. i love his work and in particular i'm inspired by his powerful collage work. enjoy!

i'm very slowly getting over my summer bug. it has turned into a cold now and my H had it for a few days. ugh! ick. i hope you all are well. i hope to be myself come monday!! happy weekend to you. paz, k

Friday, July 30, 2010

i need a betty....

ok, so i don't have a bike - yet!- but i can dream. that's what blogging is all about i think - dreaming. i would love to have a sweet betty bag join me on a summer or fall excursion to the local farmer's market. i'd load her up with good things to eat - and ohhh how pretty she'd look. the magic is that they turn into totes!! heaven. do you have a betty bag? find them here. paz, k

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a day in michigan....

i've been meaning to post these photos from our trip to our friend's vacation home in michigan. it's a beautiful home a block away from the beach and our friends are the finest hosts. one might not think of michigan as having incredible beaches, spectacular sunsets or cozy beach towns but it does. hopefully next weekend we'll go back and pick blueberries.
i've been a little slow on posts these past few days because we've all been a bit sick. summer bugs are not fun! hope you all are well. looking forward to catching up on your blogs soon. paz, k

oliver counting away

the enviable kitchen

they bought this gorgeous table in england

little helen floating
have you been to the beaches in michigan?

Monday, July 26, 2010

growing into....

one day i'd like a whole wardrobe of eileen fisher. i love the sophistication, the muted tones and the simplicity of shape in the designs. i also like how you can mix many of the pieces together. i will grow into this person slowly. what about you? do you own any eileen fisher?

you must see her fall collection here. fabulous! happy monday to you, friends. paz, k

Saturday, July 24, 2010

adorable dw....

these products are all from the very cool scottish designer donna wilson. you can find her odd objects, stationary, blankets, tea cozies and more here. hope you're having a fabulous weekend. images of fall keep popping into my head and i can't say i'm thrilled. my son has been asking for pumpkin pie and my mind drifts to burnt orange leaves and new scarves but i don't want this warmth or the long days to end. i want to wear my flip flops for another 6 months and let my arms continue to brown in the sun. what about you? are you looking forward to a change of season? k

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cool calder....

i'm a huge fan of alexander calder. even writing his name makes me have butterflies. there is something about his work that sings to me, in me. i have my eye on a book at a used bookstore call calder at home. have you read or seen it? they're photos of his work and his home life. i'll post pics of it if it comes home with me one day. i owe my love of calder to my oldest friend's parents. they inherited a REAL calder piece that to this day sits outside of their bedroom. it is a gorgeous mobile i used to touch as a child and watch the different parts move, dance, sink, and lift. if only i had known then what i was touching.....happy thursday! paz, k


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

oh those ceilings!

maybe a screen behind the bed as a headboard?

loving this furniture from lombok out of the uk. modern sleek design mixes well with traditional as always. which is your favorite? still on the hunt for the perfect bed but i think i might just find some nice fabric for a headboard, get a king size bed on a frame and call it a day. that way i won't be committing to something i might end up not liking in a couple of years. i am a bit fickle with furniture you know.....paz to you today. k

Monday, July 19, 2010

japanese streets...

i love japanese design and fashion. this site is incredible. get some tea or a lemonade and stroll through this site for a bit. happy monday!! k

Sunday, July 18, 2010

perfect patti....

i just finished a very interesting article in the latest vogue (gwynny is on the cover) about patti hansen, wife of rocker keith richards. i like reading how lovers meet and how they make it work for so many years. patti is a private person but bladder cancer has made her come out into the public now. she juggles many roles as mother, wife, spokesperson, matriarch. i was curious about her career as a model in the 80s so i did a search. no wonder keith fell for her and her wild blond locks. their daughters are just as gorgeous!
the article on Gwyneth was not as well written. i didn't think it dug deep enough into her life roles and her new cookbook. however, the photos of her are amazing. maybe i'll start doing a magazine article review each week. fun! hope you are having a beautiful weekend! paz, k

amazon here

Thursday, July 15, 2010

sublime design....

there is something in me that makes me feel as if i were born to live in scandanavia. i'm fascinated by the design, the culture, the way of life and by the fact that so many products, innovations and trends continually flow from this part of the world. this site is amazing! scandanvian design showcases incredible artists and their works and really makes me want to create wonderful practical art too. check it out.

are you a scandanavian fan too? paz, k