Thursday, June 11, 2009


The shiny red notebook has gone missing. Picasso's little book was purloined from the Paris Picasso Museum earlier this week. I think it was likely lifted and put directly into a pretty purse or slipped inside the breast pocket of a tweed jacket. Maybe. What a mystery!

I read that the sketches in this book were those from a time when he had been working with the Ballet Russes. Reading this fact instantly reminded me of the artist Leon Bakst who also worked for them. I fell in love with his designs and drawings while in college and since then couldn't recall his name. Mystery solved! Here are some of his transcendent works.

Thanks for looking! I greatly appreciate your comments and visits to OSH! paz, k


  1. I too wondered where that little red notebook went. Is it for someone's personal collection, how could it be sold, where did it go??????? Wondering.

  2. The emerald green one is reall beautiful.

  3. wow! these are incredible...thank you for sharing! i must have slept through my art history class to miss this artist!

  4. Love this post! And the hats in the previous! I am finally free next week - let's do lunch!