Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome to Your Imagination!

Children's areas in libraries should be stunning - or at the very least merry and magical. A mural can provide the lure and hint of what worlds will open when we crack a book and turn each splendid page. It should say to the child "Welcome to your imagination!" I found the artwork below on Mamanista. I thought it would be perfect as a children's wall mural in a library. The mosaic in the photo above is taken at the East Los Angeles Library. More on that later in the post.
We are quite fond of our library and there is a mural in the reading area representing the various characters from nursery rhymes and classic children's literature. It is lovely and so ideal for little ones who sit and stare at the pies, Alice and castles and attractive tea parties. Below are some images I took at the library one rainy Sunday afternoon.
These are some other images I found that are inspiring and have been or could be used as murals for children's reading areas in libraries. This image of the Wild Thing is fantastic. Note it is beside some cute critters so is not likely in a library but would be perfect for a public reading spot. I found this on a very cool kid's site called Ohdeedoh.
The next mural is incredible in its color and style. I found this on Isn't it gorgeous?!
I was most struck by the murals below. They take wall murals for children to a whole new level. Nora Johnson is the creator of these incredible pieces. They would make any children's reading area sophisticated and heavenly.

Now, how about a mosaic similar to the one found in the foyer of the East Los Angeles Library? I think mosaic work in a children's library would be awe inspiring and unforgettable for a wee one. Check this one out. It is brilliant incorporating Mayan designs and themes that represent the East Los Angeles community.

The architecture in their children's space is spectacular as well. Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks much for taking a look!

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  1. awesome post! loved reading it and seeing the cool photos! great job!