Friday, May 15, 2009

Green Goods

There is so much to post on! There are so many creative and fascinating folks in the world. What a blessing to connect to these people through this medium. Thinking about green things today. The rain keeps coming and so the world on Oak Street and beyond gets electric with color. Plants, flowers and leaves are bursting and filling out, falling to the ground, reaching towards the sky. It is a marvel.

I love the green wall in the image above. The little critters are the creation of Donna Wilson in the UK. You can find some of her work at the UK Hand knitting Associationn site.
Ok, this dress is too cute. I found it on the UK site Box Clothing. It's called the Yumi Womens Lava Green Babydoll dress.
I found this fabulously green (sea foam) kitchen from a very cool site by Erika Taylor called There is tons of design to check out on her site and I look forward to following her posts.
Now, I can't even wear high heels but I do love the idea of their ultra femininity. These are gorgeous and fairytale-like. Photographer Cheri Pearl took this snap and has a very lovely site showcasing some of her work.
Well, and who doesn't love the idea of dining al fresco on a stone patio with a simple green tablecloth and matching glassware? This photo is from the incredible design site House to Home.
Hope you enjoyed our tour of green good things today.
My son Hawley would be very upset if I didn't include the Green Lantern. So here he is, just for you hijo!

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