Friday, May 22, 2009

off to the market

Yesterday I made a short trek into town with the girls to visit an outdoor market. There were booths with bunches of fresh asparagus, mini cartons of finger potatoes, and bags of bright white garlic bulbs but to our surprise there was a stand selling dancing yarn puppets and another making scrumptious chocolate crepes. Pure delight in the sunshine. We stopped to buy butter cookies with sprinkles, strawberry-watermelon juice and some veggies. The girls also savored the pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate. A perfect afternoon. Enjoy the pics of our small adventure! Above are bursting peonies. This is what we saw on our walk to the market! Glorious.

Waiting their turn patiently......
Below is a photo of shortbread at the market. Who knew there were so many kinds?

Below is a pic of Franny willing one of those yarn puppets home with us.
Butter cookies.....and plenty....
Below are snaps from AFTER the market. They were hot and tired and full of cookies. A dip in the pool was just the remedy.

Have a blessed Friday! paz.k

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  1. wish i could pull out the little pool still for my girls who are just too grown up for their own good!