Saturday, May 23, 2009


Well, I think the summer is already complete. My friend Tina came to my house yesterday and spent hours in the divine hot sun digging, splitting, replanting and teaching. I now know how to break apart the roots of an overgrown Hosta and dig a hole deep enough to hold a Black Eyed Susan plant. I have always wanted to know how to garden, find out what those nail scrubbers really do and why gardeners had callouses and cuts and soar muscles. What a gift to teach someone to garden. I don't think I'll ever forget these past two days of delighting in our hard work and nature! Speaking of nature, there is an artist I find to be almost other worldly. Beatriz Milhazes is a Brazilian painter whose studio is on the edge of a botanical garden. She says she takes the shapes she puts in her work from the flowers and trees she encounters daily looking out her window. Here are some of her intoxicating pieces. I wish I could say thanks to her for making such beauty. All of these photos were taken from the James Cohan Gallery site.
Wow. Well, maybe I can make similar magic in my garden this summer and beyond. Happy Saturday! paz. k

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