Monday, May 18, 2009


We ventured to the big city this past weekend to celebrate lenore's 4th birthday. We stayed at our favorite hotel in the city, the Four Seasons. The breakfasts are done to perfection with lots of fresh fruit, splendidly cooked eggs and scrumptious pancakes that go down a little too easily. They know how to do it right so it's really worth every penny spent. We don't travel much as a family so this is our big splurge every now and then when needed (long winters!) or if there is reason to celebrate. There were many more photos I wish I had taken (of the beautiful pool, the view of Michigan Avenue from their tea room...) but here are a few for you to see.

This is the stunning view from our room. It overlooked Oak Street Beach and a gorgeous part of the Gold Coast. Lake Michigan was breathtaking.

This is the John Hanncock building. Incredible architecture! I love it.

The entryway to the Four Seasons once you get off of the elevator. When we arrived early Saturday morning it smelled like breakfast and the spa!
Their flower arrangements are artwork. I am always eager to see what surprises they'll have on their tables in the foyer.
Well, these are the best blueberry pancakes in the world (ok, from my experience). They are heavenly and filled to the max with plump fresh blueberries! It is my favorite meal of the day there.
Ahhh, relaxation until the kiddies want to head back to the pool for the umpteenth time!
Some sweet treats the hotel leaves for the kids. Chocolate milk and cow cookies!

I somehow snuck out and took an hour long walk alone. It was an incredibly sunny day and the Lake beckoned. Isn't Chicago lovely in the spring?

These are some carvings I found in the boulders lining the path along the shore. Do you see her? Art is everywhere!

Hope you enjoyed your brief visit to Chicago. Happy Birthday Nori!!

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