Thursday, May 28, 2009


Here are five things to collect:
1. smiles - definitely my favorite.

2. pink cowgirl boots (don't' forget the striped tights!)

3. pretty Pyrex bowls

This set of vintage Pyrex new dots bowls are from the site Would love these in my kitchen or they would make great house warming gifts.

The gorgeous yellow daisy nesting bowl set is for sale on etsy by The Vintage Kitchen.

4. commemorative mugs with images of the queen or king (perfect for flowers) Love this mug and floral arrangement from the most recent House Beautiful. Looking forward to the hunt!!

5. miniture furniture - I am obsessed with the Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute in Chicago. They are incredible!! I could spend hours visually wandering the hallways, kitchens, libraries and parlors of the 68 meticulously detailed rooms. They are truly masterpieces.

Tennessee Entrance Hall, 1835

California Hallway, 1940

French Boudoir of Louis XV, 1740-60

Thanks for looking!

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