Sunday, May 17, 2009

more mittel europa

What a weekend! I'll post about it tomorrow but in the meantime I wanted to share some photography from one of my favorite books Mittel Europa by Susan Slesin. I initially found it in our library but it can be purchased used from Amazon. I was so inspired by these images from central Europe that I keep borrowing it from the library. I suppose I should just buy a copy for my very small (but growing) design collection. enjoy!

This is the home of a woman architect and I think it is fabulous. Below is her chair collection she hangs on her wall!! I love her!

These red stairs and "screen" are incredible. Where is my red paint!?
Above: I adore collections of portraits of mysterious people.

Below: dreamy cafe...if I owned a cafe I would want it to look exactly like this. Lots of sunlight, high ceilings and stacks of newspapers and books on round marble tabletops with coffee and cream dishes perched on the edges.

We need more color in our architecture in this country. It would inevitably brighten all of our moods.

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