Wednesday, May 13, 2009

fairy dust at the table

Things are getting greener and greener. There are leaves on trees making shadows on the sidewalks and shade in the parks. It is marvelous! I don't even mind the many weeds poking their spiky heads up from the soil. We planted some sunflower seeds and lavender and I'm crossing my fingers they grow and grow in our little yard. I never knew a garden, a potential garden, a garden of possibility could be so fulfilling. These are lovely things.
Other lovely things I have been thinking about are salt cellars, salt dips or open salts. Like chairs they provide a simple service but have been imagined and will be made in an infinite number of gorgeous forms - and all to make some magic in the kitchen or on the dining table, like fairy dust. Here are some for your viewing pleasure.
The cellar in the photo above is from Jackson Antique Mall in La Grange, IL. I love the blue design of the rural setting.

This last image is of my little humble bamboo salt cellar I purchased a year or more ago in a lovely kitchen store in Hinsdale, IL called Fuller's Second Floor. I use it everyday and wish I had purchased more for gifts.
Have a great night!

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