Tuesday, May 19, 2009

falling for DH

I am in desperate need of color on my bedroom walls and I can't help but think that a Damien Hirst painting is going to drop into my lap from the sky. Maybe, just maybe I'll find one at our church rummage sale at the end of the month or in my favorite Aurora thrift store. Ha! Well, one can dream.
I guess my love for DH's spin art began instantly when I saw the photo below in Domino magazine. This piece hangs above a fabulous couch in designer Johnson Hartig's living room. It is gorgeous. All of it!! From the chairs to the antique sofa, the beams in the ceiling that add wonderful texture and the enormous DH painting. It really is a perfect collection of beloved things.
Enjoy his candy colors!
Love this one in particular because of the pink. I have to find a way to make spin art on a big blank canvas with the kids. That will be a project for us this summer.

Thanks for looking. Have a great evening! I'll be sure to take some snaps of any DH inspired artwork in the upcoming months. paz. k

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