Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tulip and Monkey fingers

Monkey finger.
According to Daughter #1, that's the "official" name of these flowers.

We are loving our new stroller. She's called Tulip. Tulie for short. Tulie the duallie. I pack a snack, pick up #1 from preschool and we three go on flower walkabout, stopping to admire any specimen that beckons. Today we hung with some 4 year old boys at Live Oak park who were swinging by their monkey tails, saying that tall-tall slide wasn't scary at all, 'cept maybe my baby might think so. Then we rolled by the FM (Farmer's Market, ya know) and I picked up 4 baby white peaches (first of the season), a bunch of asparagus, a tiny crown of broccoli, a head of red romaine, some spicy tofu strips, and 3 teeny little yams. All of which (save the yams) we consumed for dinner.

I saw tomatoes today! It's still early so I forced myself to wait.


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