Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Girl's Life

I want to tell you about these shoes. They were passed on to us in pretty bad condition but Nori immediately fell in love with them believing them to be real ladylike footwear and as they make a sweet tapping sound on tiles or wood stairs she calls them her "tap shoes". She wears them indiscriminately. They are worn in sleet, snow, torrential downpours and on days that make you want to weep they are so hot and unbearable. These party shoes are tired and are losing their black patent covering but Nori ignores their obvious flaws and simply loves them for being so tappy. We'll see if they make it through another summer of puddles and trips to the pool.
I don't want to neglect my poor son but he likes to bash things mostly and would not wear these hats (below) made in honor of Matisse. I'll post about him and his big heart sometime soon but I love that these girls do all the things I didn't. I don't think I loved pink or pretty hair clips or nice tappy type shoes. I'll have to ponder what it is I did love and cherish at 4, 5 and 6. So, the girls love fancy things like party hats and sparkly shoes and dresses that should only be worn on Easter or Christmas day.
Like their brother though, they do enjoy digging. Recently we put these new plants in a sled and dragged them to the backyard to plant. We've never grown anything but some peonies out our backdoor. Franny is my gardener and wanted a garden for her 5th birthday so we bought two blueberry bushes, some pepper, cucumber and tomato plants, and pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The photo below the sled image is of her getting ready to garden early in the morning when there was still a little chill in the air. Some girls like to dig and get dirty but very often my girls do this while still wearing their tappy shoes and party dresses. I guess you never know when a carriage with white horses (or unicorns) might arrive on Oak Street, or a Prince, or a magic carpet or some such other mode whisking them away to a castle or delightful ball. A lady needs to be prepared. Mostly though I just think they like themselves. This is a good thing because they are real little miracles. Pumpkin seeds!! Maybe in the fall there will be some real pumpkin pie baking in my oven.
Note the shoes.....though, you probably can't get past the outfit....

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  1. Before I read your story, I was gonna ask - what is up with the unicorn?! LOL. I didn't wear tappy shoes either or dresses, but I love that my girls do! Isn't it great that our girls can enjoy being girls without the pressure to prove they are good as boys?