Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Jackson Treats

Just got back from a nice dinner of pan fried Halibut, roasted red potatoes with grilled asparagus. A nice meal out with a little wine is necessary every now and then. I tend to forget this - along with long hot showers and a shopping bag filled with nice pretty things to wear, someone filling my water cup and bringing me warm food- when what I do best right now is be a Mom who wipes noses, settles disputes and listens to detailed descriptions (often times nonsensical) of a dream or something funny they heard on the tube. (Ohhh, that tube!) I do cherish those silly dreams though.
So glad to have a space of my own here. Even in the dark or in the break of day or a bit before or after lunch is made. I sneak it when I can.
This post is a continuation of my last one on Jackson Mall in La Grange, IL and all it's goodies. Enjoy and thanks for looking. Happy Friday!
The desk and chair set below are in my friend Heidi's booth. She always has such wonderful and unusual items. Her blog Dreams Intertwined is also full of her lovely creations and finds.

These puppets are too cute - and so is Humpty below!

On the lower level of the store there is an amazing collection of vintage glasses.


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing such great all looks so enticing! I just was reading your blog and you have a wonderful style of writing and a great sense of humor...keep it up! You're little ones are's a tough job being a mom but it is important to try to get it right because it all goes by so fast...My baby turns 23 today!
    Be well, Laura

  2. Thanks so much for writing Laura! So glad you enjoyed the blog. Please visit again friend.

  3. Great finds! Soo jealous I can't get busy shopping in there! xo