Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

This is a weekend of pancakes, long walks and lilac bushes in full bloom. Had a date last night and went to the sushi restaurant hachi's kitchen in Logan Square, Chicago. It was a very cool neighborhood with beautiful historical bungalows, three-flat homes and cute stores. The sushi was incredible!!
After full bellies we headed to one of my very favorite places in the world, the Four Seasons of Chicago. I'll post more on the Four Seasons next weekend! We drank peppermint tea, ate a delicious apple tart, fresh fruit sorbet and listened to live jazz. What a night out for mom!
Woke up this Sunday morning to a pile of pictures the kids drew and some perfectly fried eggs made by dad. Yum. My mother sent me the flowers in the photo below. I sent her some new socks (very needed!) and a bright orange shirt with gold buttons. May not sound so lovely but she tends to wear dark colors too much and she said she'd wear it to brunch this morning with my dad. Small victory! Enjoy the pics below. I included some of my new room darkening curtains that I LOVE!
Made these pancakes with ripe banana and strawberry jam. The banana was too strong so the cakes didn't go over well with any of my professional eaters. Needless to say there is a stack of cold pancakes on the kitchen table left over from breakfast. This is when I wish we had a dog.
A Chinese medicine doc told me that in order to rest the heart and body properly the bedroom should be completely dark at night. So I had Calico Corners add room darkening material to these curtains. Their selection of fabrics right now is amazing. I fell in love with the color and pattern of this fabric immediately and it grows on me more each day. The dark room is heavenly at night.

Lastly, Friday evening I made a perfectly simple curry dish from Everyday Food called Jamaican Chicken Curry. You'll likely have some of the ingredients in your cupboard and it's best served over rice. I'm always craving foods with different spices but the kids might find it a little too spicy. I loved it. bon appetit.

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