Thursday, June 3, 2010

welcome to summer....

today is the last day of school (yes, i'm a little sad - they do grow so quickly). summer vacation begins for the kids. picnic in the park after school, maybe some cake too....and lots of thought into our wish list for the summer like multiple trips to the art institute, the bean, brookfield zoo, the morton arboretum, oak street beach in downtown Chicago....motor home trip in 3 weeks! blueberry picking in july and the dells in august....
do you have end of the school year or beginning of summer traditions? any ideas? i look forward to some quiet tonight to catch up on your posts!!
have a lovely day, k
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  1. Both of our adult children are home for awhile. I am so enjoying their presence.

  2. I work from home so I dont really feel the change of seasons as much...But I do adore summer!!!My plan for summer is to eat a lot of ice cream, get a lot of sun and swim....Ahhh:)
    Kisses my lovely:)

  3. Camping.... even if it's just for one night. I believe this is a must do summer activity...
    even if it means sleeping in your tent in the back yard ; )