Saturday, June 26, 2010

iron, like a lion in zion....

above - sitting at the picnic table as the sun sets looking at this amazing view - while blogging!
good evening all! we're outside of bryce canyon in beautiful utah. we visited zion national park today and are still in shock from all of the incredible veiws, rock formations and undeniable spirit in the canyons. this place is truly majestic and right here in our very own country! photos below:
1. sage grows everywhere - i can't get enough of its smell - this is right next to our motorhome tonight
2. koa campground outside of bryce canyon, utah
3. incredible aspen trees - shimmering in the sun in dixie national park (what a place!!)
4. emerald fall in zion national park - see the water overhead?
5. tunnel in zion - the kids screamed going through
6. kids playing in the virgin river in zion
7., 8. heading into zion! breathtaking
9. my boy in a tree where he would always like to be

have a wonderful weekend!! hope you're summer is superb so far. paz, k


  1. Not as great as your is...I love those looks like a dream:) I am so happy you are enjoying it:)
    Kisses darling and have a lovely relaxing time:)

  2. Your photography is gorgeous!

  3. i have to say i'm so envious! that scenery is spectacular.

    great photos, my dear!

    xo Alison