Saturday, June 19, 2010

on the road again....

sooooo very tired. tomorrow morning we set off on our motor home trip and i will certainly be happy to just sit and stare out the window at our beautiful country. we've had dance recitals, a wedding, eye doctor appointments, camp, grocery shopping for the trip, packing the motor home, family graduation parties (i could go on) all within the last 24 hours. i'm going to take a hot shower and then go to bed but first i wanted to say hello and tell you that the bride wore a creamy white dress with a buttery yellow sash. why didn't i bring the camera? too tired to think of it. the reception was held at what likely was a country manor at one time with stables on the property. it was lovely. it stormed during the reception and afterwards the sky was purple and the night air was filled with the sound of crickets and quiet bird song. stay tuned....i'm sorry i'm missing your blogs right now but i will catch up when i get a moment. paz, k


  1. That dress sounds beautiful:) Relax and have a good night sleep...Have a wonderful trip and see you soon:)
    Muah sweetie

  2. H and I dream of selling our house and buying a motor home to travel the continent when we retire! I hope you'll share some photos of your trip...but only if it comes naturally - no pressure here.

    We went to wedding yesterday, too. The bride was lovely lovely lovely! The storms held off until late last night with thunder rocking us to sleep.

    Happy motoring!

  3. i think i held my breath reading all of your words, my dear ...
    big time 'phew'!
    sweetest dreams and may the road before you be safe
    and full of wondrous sights and sounds to behold ...
    and the crickets sing you and yours to sleep each night ...
    happy trails my friend ~