Wednesday, June 16, 2010

gold is back....

i can't get over these rings. i read that gold is coming back for brides. for so long platinum was the most desired for that fourth finger but now adventurous brides are wearing rose, white and yellow gold in fabulous styles. if your budget is limited you could go for a semiprecious stone (sapphire etc - even a black diamond) as the center stone instead of a diamond. i love the floral details on these rings by mcteigue

which is your favorite? have a great evening. k


  1. I love the first with this beautiful green stone!!! It gives such a pretty vibe...and I adore green!
    Kisses sweetie:)

  2. Mmmm...I don't know how I feel about the gold thing...mmmm...


  3. I love rings in gold! These are all pretty. My favorite is the second with smooth green stone.

  4. Mmm I love it. Funny how jewelry even has seasons

  5. I'm loving the gold thing - it's kind modern. And I LOVE these rings. Beautiful.

  6. They're all so beautiful! I especially love rose gold. Hard choice, but I'd have to go with ring number 3 - diamonds are a girl's best friend - right!? I can just imagine my husband cringing as I write this :)