Thursday, June 17, 2010

flower girl....

i keep burning pots of rice, milk for tea and most everything else i'm cooking these days. my mind is elsewhere other than in the kitchen. i think i'd like to be lost in a field of wildflowers or on my back gazing up at a universe overflowing with stars. we all need silence and solitude to grow, to develop as better people. where do you find your peace?
thanks so much for all of your comments. i feel so blessed to have your attention for a moment or two!!
let us not look at ourselves but onwards, onwards to the ideal life of man, and take strength from the leaf and the signs of the field. let us labor to make the heart grow larger as we become older, as the spreading oak gives more shelter. that we could but take to the soul some of the greatness and the beauty of the summer! - r. jefferies, pageant of summer

paz, k


  1. Stuff is burning up on my stove, too! Have a happy weekend!

  2. :)me too....Kisses darling
    I usually find my piece, while doing yoga and swimming:)