Friday, June 11, 2010

a healing art....

we start our summer motor home trip next weekend so i had the kids make covers for their journals. in another post i mentioned i wanted to start experimenting with collage so these are our first attempts at it and i think the results are splendid! can you pick out which journal cover belongs to my son? hint, he likes soldiers....i won't even let him have a toy gun but there is some crazy boy gene that makes them seek out military themed everything!

below is my attempt at collage. the picking, sorting and cutting is so wonderfully therapeutic. what do you think?? be sure to keep posted over the next few weeks for photos and posts from our trip to the southwest.

have a great friday!! paz, k


  1. these are great... I love the idea of making a collage cover for a journal!

  2. These are just wonderful, and what fun to make journals for a summer trip! Brilliant idea. I love to collage, and like you, I find it very therapeutic. Time passes without my even knowing it!

    Have a beautiful weekend! xo Gigi

  3. What a great idea - I love how you are encouraging your children to be so artistic (and yourself!).


  4. I love those pieces...I enjoy craft activities so true...they are relaxing and calming:)
    Kisses darling and enjoy your weekend. :)

  5. i so remember when you ventured out last summer! it was so much fun to catch snippets of all the places you visited ... yay!

    i love your collage work! i haven't done this myself, but i had the opportunity to watch my friend kim (2bbb) while she taught my 4H member how to collage and it was fascinating and seemed so liberating and full of endless possibilities!

    i think this is a fantastic way to capture your adventures this summer ... cool :)

    xo pg

    ps. the thing about boys and guns? i dunno ~ like you, we wouldn't let our three boys have any form of guns as little guys, but it didn't seem to matter, they would find a stick to pretend with ...

  6. i love these! so creative.


    xo Alison