Wednesday, June 2, 2010

do you....

collage? i really want to experiment with this medium. i used to love making collages on poster board with magazine clippings when i was in college. it was something that felt so natural to me but i haven't made one in almost a decade or more. i'd like to begin again.
so here are a few questions my friends:
is there supposed to be a theme with each collage or can they just be random images that are appealing to the eye?
what is the best glue to use?
what is the best resource for collage material?
any other advice?

thanks for all of your splendid comments!! tell me more...
paz, k
whimsy here


  1. This is a great experiment. I love collages on paper as well. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Me too, can't wait to see your experiments!
    I used to tear out inspiring images from magazines and make collages with that.... that was in high school. I think there are so many other mediums available now... just look at scrapbooking, the number of products & materials is endless!

    Happy collaging!!

  3. I adore paper collages...Those are so cool and creative!
    Kisses sweetie and I cant wait to see yours:)