Tuesday, June 22, 2010

red earth....

we entered oklahoma today and again the heat is remarkable. it's dry but the sun is fierce. the terrain has changed again. you can tell we're moving towards the desert. the earth is red here in elk city. we saw some cows bathing in a small pond and the water was as dark as red velvet cake. the dirt on the edge of their bath was rust colored in dark lovely layers. shade is highly desired at the campground and we were fortunate enough to get some good trees to protect us from the sun and to tie up the clothes line. also, the pool is only about 10 steps away! there's a playground but the equipment is too hot to use today. we're staying inside for now but we'll get back in the pool before bed. what do you know about oklahoma? photos below:
1. oklahoma - the land is getting very dry
2. red soil
3. tootsie out the window
4. pool time!!
5. the playground - sooo hot but love how old it is
6. how to draw a turtle
7. staying busy....

thanks so much for following along. i think we're off to arizona tomorrow. be well. paz, k


  1. Cool pictures! I love the merry-go-round.
    And I love sticking my feet out of the car window too!

  2. Hi K ~

    I'm having so much fun following your camping journey! Wish I could drop-ship a delicious chocolate cake to you and yours! If you make it to San Francisco, I promise to have a big piece waiting for you with an iced cold cup of milk!


  3. I love your trip...Its so cool to be a part of it...It sounds like fun and I love hot weather and swimming pools..:)
    Kisses darling and enjoy your day:)

  4. It looks HOT but the pool looks GREAT!! Glad you're having a good trip.


  5. i love that pool shot! safe travels!

    xo Alison