Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hip eco tip....

my newest infatuation (other than experimenting with collage and learning how to do a bit of embroidery) is making small bags from vintage and newer fabrics to bring with me to the grocery store, drug store etc to cut down on those awful plastic bags (one less bag in a landfill!). this cute striped fabric was originally a sheet, then it was my brother's boyhood curtain and now a fruit bag to tote around my pears, apples, bananas and plums. now, i'm not much of a seamstress but i figure with patience and practice i can get better and make some really swell totes i'll pass on to my friends!! do you sew? happy wednesday~


  1. Absolutely love this tote! So festive and fun for market shopping!
    I can sew, or rather, I know how and am trying to revive this skill slowly!

  2. well that bag looks great and you're awesome for recycling

  3. Yuppiee...I love it...Its so beautiful!!! Thank you for posting it...:) You made my day with those photos:) Great colours:)
    Have a fun afternoon and see you soon:)

  4. Nice work... how very creative of you, I love it!