Monday, June 14, 2010

goodnight, monday....

renee. i don't know quite what to say about this woman but she is mesmerizing. what a dress and hair style! i found her on a site called french sampler. renee perle was the muse of fashion photographer j.h.lartigue in the early part of the 20th century. you must check out her other photos on that site.

i caught a firefly tonight. as i walked i heard birds chirping into the twilight. i was again mesmerized. looking forward to checking in on your blogs. summer brings long days with the kids so i don't have my moments of quiet i try to steal during the school year. today i let them jump into a creek with all of their clothes on. a creek, right in the middle of suburbia, weaving its way to another town, a larger river, the magnificent ocean. time to sleep now. good night friends.
paz, k


  1. I was impressed too and that you caught a firefly:-)

  2. Beautifully written, my dear.
    You're a pretty cool mom to let your kids jump in a creek with all their clothes on! My mom was always free-spirited and spontaneous like that too : )

    (ps: you should enter my little contest/giveaway I'm having on the blog this week!)

  3. Good night, darling and she looks so stunning....The dress is wow...Thank you for your beautiful comment today and you should post a photo of your tote you made:)
    Kisses and sweet dreams:)

  4. Gorgeous! Good night! Well good morning now...