Thursday, June 24, 2010

in the desert i sit....

above - after the rain storm in santa rosa, nm ("I've seen fire in the sky....")
there is too much to say about how beautiful this country is. i'm sitting at a picnic table in holbrook, az smack in the middle of a desert and the sun is setting, making the clouds pinks, purples and oranges i could never adequately describe. the wind is blowing warm, dry air and i can see straight off into the desert. the moon is peeking out from behind a dark cloud and appears to be full....
sorry not to post yesterday but the internet connection in santa rosa, nm was not so good. photos below:
1. making dinner on the grill in holbrook, az
2. swimming girls in santa rosa, nm
3. the rainstorm in a santa rosa, where they said they hadn't had rain in months - it was wild
4. found item - route 66 (we are driving on route 66) on a little walk at the campground in nm
5. our first cactus in nm
6. beautiful dry earth in nm
7. spotted lizard who welcomed us at the nm campground - the kids were thrilled!
8. grain silo on our way to santa rosa

9. kids putting on a circus for us in elk city, ok - loved ok! such incredible open land
10. pastures, plains in ok!
11. night in elk city
12. sat under this lovely tree at the end of the day in elk city - peace.

thank you all for taking a look! on to the grand canyon tomorrow!! hi mom and dad! good night all, paz, k


  1. Oh I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon... how exciting!

    ps: I gave you the Beautiful Blogger Award today!

  2. Totally loving all the fun pics. Keem 'em comin'!

  3. the Grand Canyon...Those photos are so fun...I can see that your kids are loving it:).So lovely...enjoy your Friday,sweetie

  4. Thanks for taking us with you on your journey! We're going to follow your lead and rent an RV for our trip to MI in August! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  5. I love following your trip, thanks so much for letting me be a part of it!


  6. Grand canyon sounds great! Have a lovely weekend! x