Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is Franny's second breakfast. We like to eat Greek yogurt called Fage. It is thick like ice cream and we like to put honey or jam on top. My favorite jam is St. Dalfour from France. The best flavors are pear, blueberry and orange marmalade. Simple joy for me is to sit with my Roobois tea, tainted with a little milk and honey, and a piece of toast (gluten-free these days) and a swipe of pear or such and read a magazine or check out new blogs - yes, even check the gossip sites. I am certainly not perfect.

Ok, this is Franny jumping. This painting is hanging in our tiny kitchen. Its size and color are bold and brings needed life to the space. This rotating art gallery in the kitchen is one of my very favorite things about being a mom. This leads me to a fun project for your future chef or restaurateur. Buy an old cookbook with lots of crazy photos of jello molds, steaks, chops and chocolate-orange fizz drinks (you can usually find them at garage sales or thrift stores) and get to cuttin. The kids love cutting the photos out and gluing them to index cards or paper creating their own cookbooks or menus for their restaurants, diners and cafes - Yum Yum Restaurant has been a popular name for our fine eating establishments. Then mom or dad or friends or Grandma can order up some chow from the menu. There is nothing better than Harvest moon Pork Towers with Frosty Cucumber soup, finishing with Orange Blossom Ice Cream. You'll never go away unsatisfied.

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