Saturday, April 25, 2009

Breaking Through

We went for a walk in the rain today. The children are fascinated with of all things dandelions. They don't distinguish between what is weed and what is a miracle of Spring. There is life abundance under our feet and above our heads. Just look up and see the blue, or a perfect grey storm sky. Look down and catch glimpses of purple and vibrant greens and yellows. It is all breaking through.
The kids ran by a creek that somehow exists right in the middle of suburbia. They were deliriously happy and content throwing stones and hopping rocks. These are the moments that I wish we lived near the mountains or on 1000 acres of forest and fields so they could inspect these miracles on a daily basis. Below are some of the things we are seeing breaking through like Hosta and those mysterious pink flowers we put in bowls and cups I love so much.

Yes, we admire the blooms and trickles of creeks but I have to admit that I am almost (almost) as deliriously happy about Spring garage sales that are beginning to make their seasonal appearance. These are some of my finds from this weekend. Below is a photo of a large almost metallic mirror that was FREE! It is gorgeous and I'll likely sell it in my antique space.

Above is one of my favorite prints entitled Light of the World. It is in a beautiful antique frame. Below are prints that I bought for $2. Not bad. The hunt begins!! Happy Saturday! Keep your eyes open for those miracles.

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