Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This site is to bring a little joy in sweet and simple ways to our lives. It is a reminder to savor and mark our days and to share our discoveries.

My top ten current loves (this is what it's about, right?!):
1. My avocado green Gaiam yoga mat - just a beginner but I am loving it when I find time to do it.
2. YouTube clips of yoga sequences - that or clips of line dancing from the 70s and 80's on Soul Train
3. the dark pink buds about to burst on our neighbors magnolia tree
4. all of my magazines (Elle Decor, House Beautiful, bon appetit, Dwell, Metropolitan Home- I'm still mourning the loss of Domino - just bought the first two years of that magazine on eBay for way too much but can't wait to get them!!)
5. checking out new blogs of other lovers of beautiful things!! can't wait to start listing them on this site....
6. DJ Rubia beats... check out - she heats eclectic beats
7. jcrew jeans and their spring/summer tees
8. perfecting my smoothies!
9. going to the beach in southwest Michigan and getting burgers at Redemaks!! (grilled onions, cheese, soft bread and big greasy fries!! it is the best!)
10. visiting Morton Arboretum in the western suburbs of Chicago! It is heaven there.

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