Friday, April 24, 2009

A Room of My Own

I think that if there were one thing I'd like to be it is a painter, sculptor or an artist who works with varied and brilliant mixed media. I envy those who sneak away to their studios and put light on paper or carve life out of cold rock. Maybe I'd just like a studio of my own, someplace, as the great Myrna Loy stated in Blandings Builds His Dream House, I can go off and "sulk in" or try to find those lost words and works of art I can't find in the chaos of the everyday. The photo above is part of the 5Pointz art studio showcasing international aerosol artists, musicians and other talented artisans.
Here are some lovely spaces I thought you'd like to find yourself on a quiet rainy day. Below photos of the Santa Monica Art Studios.

The photo below is the studio of artist Bonnie Druschel She finds limitless energy and inspiration from the natural world.
What inspired me today is the studio of a friend and artist Blayney Norton. She has been painting in the Northeast for over two decades and has a lovely retreat in her backyard where she finds peace and the inspiration year round. You can find her winsome art at

You can also find them on Martha's Vinyard (Jabas Gallery) and St. John, Virgin Island (Nell and Editions) shops. They make perfect gifts for little ones as well as for family and friends. OSH loves it! Have a sunny Friday!!

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