Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Everything in Bloom

Our Garden Goddess!
Tuesday evening. It's been raining all day but this is a good thing. All I see is green!! Happy Earth Day! Right now I'm watching a rabbit nibble on the beginnings of our purple coneflowers. Things are growing and blossoming all around.
My room is a work in progress. It is blossoming at a snail's pace. In the 10 years that we've lived on Oak Street this room had never seen a new can of paint until a couple of weeks ago. Its walls were bare and scratched and cried out for life. It began with the paint, some molding, soft white bedding, some furniture finds and yesterday my chairs arrived. I bought these at my favorite Aurora thrift store and had them reupholstered in contrasting textures but complementary colors. I love, love them both but the blue one is special. It looks like a Milo Baughman but is not - at least I'm pretty sure it's not. The fabric is gorgeous. Enjoy!

I am still without a bed, a rug and curtains. Some artwork one day would be nice but for now Nori's original is perfect above the brown chair. The ottoman is perhaps a bit too tall but it is nice to sit on and acts as seating when I use the white table for work. Below is a photo another of my treasures from the Aurora store. This table was $70 and is sturdy and very cool. Franny is the model. I use it as my bedside table. The lamps are from Restoration Hardware. I really wanted something the light would go through since the room is not that large. It is important to keep things light is smaller rooms. I like the white walls and reflection from the large mirror. paz.

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  1. What gorgeous treasures. I love the face on the garden goddess and the blue chair turned out divine! Congratulations on getting around to your room! Our room is always the last to get done, but all will benefit!

    Have a wonderful day!
    OSH's other biggest fan,