Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Small Piece of Heaven in La Grange

I have been dying to take some photos of the goods at the antique store where I share a booth with my friend Heidi. I told the manager it would be free advertising for the store and the individual booths. So, periodically I think I'll go through the mall and see what is fun, adorable and unusual. I love this place and am so glad to be sharing it with you. Jackson Square Mall is located at 112 East Burlington, La Grange, IL. You can reach them by phone at 708-352-4120. The intro photo is of lovely pots and vases currently in a gorgeous window display. There are lots of garden items out now hoping to entice gardeners and sun worshippers to find something for the corner of a garden bed or on a screened-in porch. Here are some other items I love!

The bird painting above is on the lower level of the store. Isn't it sweet? Below is a shot from my booth. I still need practice with display etc but I'm hoping I'm slowly getting better. So much depends on display and appeal and I've found on not clumping too many things on a shelf or tabletop. The image below is from a seller on the lower level and the tag reads this piece is a chicken coop. What great texture!

I think if I collected one thing consistently it would be tins. The color, shape, prints and variety of tins are fascinating. Did the previous owner use them to store candies, cookies, sewing needles and thread, coins or beeswax candles? Isn't the orange tin amazing? I think this one was initially used for candy.
Hope you had a delightful tour of the store. We'll continue tomorrow with some more treasures.
Have a great evening!

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