Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pony Gets a Haircut

Today Coralie brought me her My Little Pony (a hand-me-down from Emma, my friend Jeanette's daughter) with its hair mussed, and looking, well, a little worse for wear. 

"Notice anything, Mama?"

"Well, she looks kind of bad. Her hair looks messy."

And then I noticed her normally abundant purple mane looked a bit thinner. 

"Did you cut her hair?"

"Yes!" she cried, as if I was immensely clever and had just won a prize.

Ha ha, I said, and told her I used to cut my Barbie's hair when I was a girl. Her eyes lit up. I had mentioned the "B" word--something distant and glimmering and so far only in the purview of "big girls." (I'm not quite ready to go there. )

Well, that was all it took--as good as a green light to her. Above are some pictures of Pony's new 'do, looking a bit punky I think, and rather good. Weirdly, younger and...fresher.

There is nothing like a little creative risk to enliven one's day. Recently, we created a little writing nook for me and every time I pass it--looking for the wipes, say-- I feel drawn to sit down. Now that Iona is too wriggly for the Stokke changing table we had opportunity to turn it into a desk. I love the airy space between the slats and how my chair looks with it. (I wrestled for that chair at Omega Salvage in Berkeley about 9 years ago. It had no seat when I bought it. Although I was living in a yoga ashram at the time and had little money, I managed to get an upholsterer in the Mission to fix it up for me.)

Finally, I wanted to acknowledge the end of another great magazine. Ascent, a lovely yoga publication that was published out of Montreal, has decided to let go of their incarnation as a print magazine. What a wise and mature publication they were: unflashy, calm and beautiful layout and design, intelligent writing. They can still be found (for now) at

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  1. I love this story! This is so funny and I love your writing space. You are an excellent photographer!!!