Monday, April 20, 2009

Beautiful Things

Blue Skies!!
The weekend rain has made things gloriously green today. The sun is trying to warm up the air a bit and I see patches of blue sky. I'm inspired to share some other beautiful things with you. I found this rather large teacup at Jackson Square Antique Mall in LaGrange, IL. I have a small booth in this mall with odds and ends that also have inspired me. I'll take some photos there soon. The designs on this teacup are of a pastoral setting. There is a story to be told here in this land of mountains, fruited trees and wandering fences.

The plate that accompanies the teacup is just as lovely. I hold my garlic bulbs in this cup and keep it on my kitchen counter. I get great pleasure letting my eyes follow its design as I cook or clean or drink my tea.

Something else I find to be just as functional and lovely is my everyday bag I purchased from ric rac designs in Boulder, CO. Every woman, mother, miss, Ms, needs a funky bag. I practically chased a woman down in my town to find out where she got her bag from. They are handmade and the fabrics are fabulous. This is my bag:

The above photo is taken from their site. I think some of those fabrics are by the incredible Amy Butler.

They are gorgeous. I am planning on keeping track of beautiful ideas for this site in my new pink Moleskin notebooks. I'll us them to take note of the mystery and the magic in the day. Something I need to keep by my side at all times. Paz!

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